Pharmaceutical Compounding

The Beginner Guide To Mastering

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After Completion Of Course You Will Be Able To 

  • Get Ready  
      Prepare Your Lab With Essential Chemicals and Equipment To Start. 
      Do Essential Pharmaceutical Calculations.
      Learn The Basics Of Biostatistics &  Study Designs And How to Evaluate Studies .
      Know Evidence Based Compounding and avoid Fake Information .
  • Mastering Pharmaceutical  Basis.
      Know How To Make Topical And Oral Formulations 
    ★ Semisolid Dosage Forms Such as : Water Soluble ,Oleaginous Base (White Ointment) ,Absorption Ointment , Cold Cream, Aquas cream , Cellulose Based Gel ,Carbomer Based Gel .........    
    ★ Liquid Dosage Form: Syrup ,Suspension , Lotions.......
    ✔  Learn What Is HLB System And Know How to Use It .
  • Non Active Ingredients Choosing 
      Learn Basics Of Non Active Ingredients .
      Deeper Understanding Of How To Choose and Substitute .
      How To Get Evidence Based Information About Properties and Uses Of Non Active Ingredients .
  • Packaging And Labeling
      Proper Packaging to protect Your Products and Provide A Good appearance .
      Labeling Tech and Software .
  • Marketing
      Learn the Basics Of Direct And Social Media Marketing
      Learn Some Useful Tips and Tricks To Help You Marketing And Branding .
  • Formula Directory 
      Start With A Carefully Chosen Both Therapeutic And Cosmetic Formulations .
      With more than 30 Formulas and Know How To Modify :
    ◾  You Now Can Do Many Formulations
    ◾  You Now Learned How To Search And Get Evidence Based Info 
    ◾  You Now Can communicate With Physicians , So They Can Depend On You To Make
    ✦ Pharmacopoeial Formulations 
    ✦ Tailored Evidence Based Formulations .
  • Get Certificate 
      After Completing All Activities And Exams ,You Can 
    ✦  Download Certificate .
    ✦  Get Certificate ID  and QR Code that is Can be Verified On Our System .

Study ! What , How ,When

  • What You Get 
    ✔  Static Content : Videos , Reading ,Quizes , Books ,Links ....
    ✔  Live Meeting   : Discussion With Dr. Emad Fawzy Ask& Answer
  • How To Study
    ✔  Using Flipped Classroom Strategy , You Save Time And Effort 
    ✔  Watch , Read , Answer Quiz , Ask On Ours On-Site Forums  ..... Then 
    ✔  Every 1- 2 Week There Is A Live Meeting With Dr. Emad For Deeper Discussion
    ✔  With Smart Learn Forums You Can Post A Text , Audio , Even Video Questions
  • When
    ✔  Every 2 Weeks ,On Friday A live meeting At 8:10 PM.
    ✔  Usually The Course Take 60 Days , This Is The Main Shedule , But ...
    ✔  If You Have Time And Ready For Effort , You Can Go Faster With The Pre-Made Static Content and Follow Up The Live Meetings For More info, And Get Notified For New Contents. 
    ✔  If You are Too busy , You Can Proceed Whenever You Can , Not Only The Content Will Be Available ,But Also You Can Ask any Time On the Forums And Chat , Even if You Belong To Wave 1 , and The Current Wave is  3 Feel Free To Ask .

Course Basic Contents

1 - Basics
pharmaceutical Basis 

Learn how to make , use , modify, select , reuse .......
pharmaceutical Basis such as Cream , Ointments , Gel  , Syrup,

2 - Cosmetics
Hair And Skin

begin from simple formulation to high quality , sophisticated , branded formulation 

3 - Therapeutic 
Creating Your Brand

learn how to make a prescribed and OTC formulations and  communicate with physician for perfect results 

Course Extra Contents

pharmaceutical calculations 

Mastering Essential Pharmaceutical Calculations,Units, Concentration, Conversion,Dilution....


The Basics Of Marketing.
New Marketing Fields Other Than Facebook.
Start Your Brand.

Biostatistics & Study Designs

No More Fake Results !
You Will Learn How To Evaluate studies, And Judge On Any Formula You Get from Anywhere

Smart Learn

Some features and Learning Style

Test Based
No Questions - No Learning !

With Our Quiz Based Learning , You Can Sure That You Are Deep Understand Each Topic.

Well structured 
Topics and Subtopics

You Can Easy Study And Back To Any Subject With Easy To Use Learning Management System.

Guided syllabus
Creating Your Brand

Each Topic Based On Info In Other Topic , So You Enforced To Complete And Pass Exam Of each Topic To Proceed .

Our Team

Emadelden Fawzy
Course  lecturer

Prior Teaching Assistant At The 6 October University .
Prior Administrator For Lab Of  ADK Pharmacies In SA .
Co-Founder Of AACP الرابطة العربية لصيادلة التركيبات .
Administrator And Content Writer For Of The Largest Arabic Group for Pharmaceutical Compounding AACP Facebook Group From 2017 Till Now .
Content Marketers  For Pharmaceutical Compounding and Formulations . 


Our Experience In Clinical Medical Courses Is Now For You In Community Pharmacy Courses. 

Ali Omar Amer
Biostatistics & SD lecturer

Biostatistics & Study Designs Will Be incredibly Easy And Helpful For pharmaceutical Compounding.

Mohammad Nabil
Platform Admin

I Provide You An Powerful , Enjoyable , Easy To Use System , Tech Support When Need .

FAQ For Compounding Course

You can Join after pay 3000 EGP ( now is only 1650 EGP until 10 Nov)

Sample Lecture May Be Perfect While The Other Lectures Is Far Lower Quality , So
We Provide A Better Option , You Can Join For Free For 30 Minutes So You can View All Titles ,Watch Few Minutes , Read Some Topics , Even More Can See Quiz ......
This 30 min Trail Is Sufficient To Decide .

No , Any Pharmacist Even If Not Practicing Compounding A Long Time Ago , Can Join And  Study Easily.

This Course Is Not Only An Entry Level For Beginners ,
The Formulation In The Course Is Not like ichthammol ointment and simple Formulations , The Course is Powered With High Quality Moderate-Advanced Formulation
It Include All You Need To Start a Professional Compounding Either Therapeutic and Cosmetics and Start Make Your Own Brand and Marketing 
Also it Include  A Number Of Formulation (Formula Bank) That Put You In The Market 
Also You Will Not Stuck With This Formulations ,
You Will Learn How To Modify And Make Your Fingerprint and Brand 

For Therapeutic Compounding , You MUST Be A Pharmacist .

We Will Provide You With A List Of Essential Chemicals and Equipment and Help You Get Ready.

Yes, And Not Only The Content You Get When You Join , Any New Updates You Will Be Notified Via Email as Main Notification System , and Telegram As Optional NS . 

1 - Prepare Your Questions via The Forums So The Lecturer , Answer Them 
2- Simply Watch The Recording , Have More Questions, No Problem , Feel Free To Ask .

Yes , Unless There Is Technical Reason ( e.g. More than 100 Student in the Meeting)

Definitely Yes ,
You Will Get A Set Of Formulations That Put You On The Track .
Not Only That , You Can Ask , And We Will Help As We Can .

No The Course Includes :
1 - Recorded Videos , Live Video 
2 - Interactive Books ( See sample ) , That is Advanced Tech Combines Text , Quiz, Video .......
3 -  Chat  & Forums Which Provide A Fast And Easy Way To Ask and Search For Questions 
4 -  Quizs, & Exams

FAQ For Smart Learn Platform

  • What is Smart Learn?
    It Is A Learning Management System Based On Moodle The World Most Powerful LMS 
  • Dose It  Run On Mobile ?
    Smart Learn Is Web-Based And So Can Be Accessed From Anywhere In The World. With A Default Mobile-Compatible Interface And Cross-Browser Compatibility, Content On The Smart Learn Platform Is Easily Accessible And Consistent Across Different Web Browsers And Devices .
  • Do you have a mobile app?
    Yes , we have a smart learn mobile, you can download it from google play.
    iphone app is not available yet
  • How can i sign-up ?                            
    You Can Create New Account Either Via Registration Or Join With Your Google Or Facebook Account.
  • How Can I Enroll In A Course?
    For Free Courses You can Enroll Your Self Directly.
    Paid Courses Need To Pay To Get Enrolled
    Some Courses Need Specific Criteria Such As Completing Other Courses
  • What is the Limits Fo Watching Videos and other Activities?
    Technically No limits , But You Teacher Can Put Some Restriction.

Examples Of Basis You Will Learn.

  • Topical .
    Creams and Ointments :
    Water Soluble ,Oleaginous Base (White Ointment) ,Absorption Ointment , Cold Cream, Aquas cream
    Gel :
    CMC ,Carbomer ,.........
  • Oral.
    Syrup ,and Suspension .....
  • Other .
    suppository , Lip formulation , Lotions.....

Skin and Hair

You will learn how to make products for skin problems such as pigmentation , cellulite , sunscreen ....... , and usual care products such as Skin Creams , lotions , Lip formulations ......

You will learn how to make products for Hai problems such as falling ,....... , and usual care products such as Shampoo , Hair Cream , Hair Gel , Hair Problem Formulations

Therapeutic Formulations

Either OTC and prescribed Formulations need  as strong Knowledge of
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS and NON ACTIVE INGREDIENTS , so you can modify an substitute
biostatistics study designs, to avoid fake formulations
you will get a number of evidence based formulations that you can start work with physician near you

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